The Opening- A Personal Perspective



My alarm clock rang and I crawled out of bed- heading to the window to peer out-no blizzard today and a hint of sunshine- God is good! February 11th-2014-today was the day for the long awaited opening.


Approximately two and a half years previously- I had received a call from Sister Anne Marie to come to the Pastoral Centre-I arrived at the appointed time and was ushered up to her office-not knowing what this visit was about. Sister soon shared her thoughts with me-she felt that God was calling her to do something else and on Ash Wednesday of that year she was leaving her position at the Pastoral Centre I am positive I sat there with a dumfounded look on my face. And so began the journey-each Sunday afternoon the other Associates, the Sisters and I came together in prayer. OH yes- there were days when I was not sure what I was praying for- but Sister said- “ Trust in the Lord-invoke the Holy Spirit”, and sure enough- the logo for the ministry was born-Kairos Blessings-one hand reaching to the other hand that held a broken heart. And the search was on- a place for the ministry-but it was not yet time.

I don’t think that Sister ever thought she would find a home for Kairos Blessings in the lower level of a mall-across from a bowling alley- but that space had become available.





GetAttachment.aspx13The evening before the grand opening- I found my way to the mall to see what I could do to help with the preparations- only to find that Sister was wanting a few things to make it complete. So off I went- shopping list in hand to seek what was necessary. Two hours later I returned, only to find the place in darkness. As I peeked through the windows- the room was bare- and I thought to myself-“If there is anything taking place here the next day-then the sisters would have to be up and at work before the chickens arose”.






GetAttachment.aspx5When I arrived the following morning- February-11th the space had been transformed-everything in place- floor shining- pictures on the walls-chairs set up-makeshift altar ready-loads of food-just like a miracle had transpired. God is excellent!












Here we were in Spryfield- half a world away from Africa and whom do we have to con celebrate mass but four African priests with Father Frank the main celebrant- the former pastor – the one person who had originally checked this place out with sister over a year ago-when it was not yet time. Father Owen and Deacon Boudreau soon arrived as well and the room was beginning to fill. There had to be fifty or more people crowded into the main room.







I felt the excitement as mass began and Sister Joana and I beat the drums and the choir sang.











GetAttachment.aspx16GetAttachment.aspx1Everything went according to plan- thanks to the many benefactors and friends. To say that Sister was happy is an understatement-she was elated and it showed in her speech at the end of mass.

Everything in God’s time-Kairos Blessings- Food Court for the Soul was now official- after what seemed like a never ending journey. Of course the journey will not end after this milestone and we know not where it will lead Sister-but she has total trust in the Lord to take her where He will.

Kairos Blessings-It is a Place of Peace and Quiet. So we invite you- come as you are-drop in for a chat with sister-a time of prayer or for a spot of tea.

Come and see. Come – be our guest.





The author-Sharon MacKinnon is a lay associate of the order of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and President of the Associates







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