Prayer of the Associates

Lord Jesus Christ,we beseech you to pour out Your love on us,our
families and all whom we know:Look favourably on us,Your servants
who have willingly chosen to follow You more closely through the
dedication of our lives to You in the Eucharist,Grant us the grace to
carry out our responsibilities as members of this Association and to live a life
centered on You.We adore You in the Eucharist,may You shower us with abundant
blessings that will flow out to the whole world.
Lord,we pray You will give to the married the strength of Your peace,the guidance
of Your will and the grace to live together in constant love.
Give courage and strength to the young and help them to make the right decisions
for their way of life.Receive the departed into Your eternal kingdom and grant
that after death we will have the happiness of praising and loving You throughout eternity.Amen