Time to Relax

While much of the Sister’s life is taken up with work and prayer- there is always time for housework of course – you know the old adage- a woman’s work is never done– and – yes- they do manage to find time to relax.

When the good weather is upon us they  take advantage of that, to explore the province of Nova Scotia-.You might find them visiting the Annapolis Valley to pick apples or the vegetables in season or working in their own flower garden. There have been trips to the touristy spots such as Peggy’s Cove or scenic Cape Breton.

Wanting to see that much talked about Confederation Bridge they have ventured to Prince Edward Island with Friends, to stay with family and even try their hand at picking wild blueberries, talking with fishermen at a tiny seaport or taking a walk at the North Cape to view a wonder of nature the reef that separates the Northumberland Strait from the Atlantic- where the tides go out in two directions or viewing the wind test centre and they have been lucky enough to catch the men harvesting  Irish moss.

Being the joyful people they are, they have made many friends in the community and have had invitations to meals extended to them. They have been invited to weddings and baptisms and enjoy these special celebrations.

And then there is their family away from home- the close knit African community in which they share special days and African meals as well. The Sisters lead a very busy life.