Since the Sisters first opened the doors to their convent and chapel they have welcomed anyone who wishes to visit or join them in their community prayers.  In the past ten years, the sisters have had Mass every Saturday morning in the chapel followed by tea and coffee.  This gives the faithful who have gathered, the opportunity to socialize and catch up on what's happening within the community. The convent has become a meeting point for many people across the Diocese. This group of people have over time, evolved into a community of friends who support each other and share their lives with the Sisters.  The support of these friends is also very much appreciated by the Sisters. After the tea and coffee each Saturday there a Holy Hour with Adoration and a few people usually stay for this. 

This group of friends have offered their assistance to the Sisters and the Associates when there were special events taking place- such as the opening of the Grotto, the various special masses, the workshops, the Canonical visit of the Mother Superiors, the visit of Bishop Hilary Paul Okeke, the send off and welcoming of new priests and the ten year anniversary celebration.









At Christmas time all the friends with the Sisters,the Associates and the Priests who have celebrated mass in the convent during the year get together for a potluck party. It is always a joyful time of dancing, singing of carols and fun.