The Congregation of the Sisters of Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

was founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 1943 by the then Archbishop of Lagos, His Grace, Leo Hale Taylor of the Society of African Missions.  Cardinal Riberi was on a visit to Lagos in 1940 as  Papal delegate to West and East African British colonies, when he noticed the absence of African women among the women religious at the time. He suggested to the Church hierarchy at the time the need to begin religious communities of African women. Bishop Taylor began a congregation of African religious women in 1943 with five postulants under the direction of the Missionaries Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles.  In 1966 the Congregation became autonomous electing its first superior general.   As an institute of diocesan right, the congregation has enjoyed the patronage of the Archbishop of Lagos, the bishop of the seat of its principal house,  Cardinal Anthony Okogie, until 2008 when the congregation attained a Pontifical Status, as institute of Pontifical Right.